Farmers Guardian test-drives the Predator

The machinery experts at Farmers Guardian have put the Predator through its paces for their latest first drive feature

The full field test was the most in-depth demo we’ve done yet. Published last week, the article reviewed how the Predator performed in all of the areas where sprayer operators need reliability and performance. Launched last year, the Predator is the largest, most advanced machine in the Househam range and, as the feature says, «will appeal to the most tech-savvy operators»

«We have developed the Predator as a top-spec self-propelled with a very high level of standard specification, and a price tag which starts below £200,000 for a 4,000-litre/24m version. This simplifies the buying process and streamlines production. If we are not building bespoke models with individual specifications, we can reduce build times, increase our production and shorten delivery times. We have developed Predator so it treads lightly – it weighs about 10t un-laden,» he says. «That means a generous reduction in ground pressure for a sprayer of this size and capacity.»

Toby Corsan, product manager, Househam Sprayers speaking to Farmers Guardian

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