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Nick Forman – Derbyshire

With a long list of customers to keep happy, I can’t afford to be slow off the mark and need a machine which I know I can push to the limits. Everything about my Harrier is designed for speed, accuracy and efficiency, but it’s the knowledge that Househam’s support team is always on hand to quickly resolve any problems which gives me the confidence that I can keep my customers delighted.

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Simon Dunn – BHE Agricultural Contractors

Just a quick note to thank your company for a quick and responsive repair to our Merlin. It couldn’t have been a bigger problem and a bad time – Bank Holiday weekend! Within the day we had our machine assessed on Easter Monday, problem identified. The following day fitters were dispatched again to remove the whole engine followed by another bringing the new engine. Within 48 hours of us reporting an engine problem, our Merlin machine was back up and running. I am very impressed, the attitude of the fitters was fantastic and gave me great confidence that the machine would be up and running.

Christopher Hanks – V J Thomas & Son, Vale of Glamorgan

The Househam MERLIN is a complete solution to the modern day demands of crop husbandry. The fully integrated GPS, auto-section control and HITS enables me to maximise output, experience less driver fatigue and deliver greater accuracy when applying pesticides. All whilst assessing the crop carefully when travelling – a great all round machine in my opinion.

Ed Beckett, Stottesdon

I’ve been really impressed by Househam’s technology. The FieldMaster controls 10 sections of the 36mm boom that gives us a near-perfect spray, even on my most peculiar shaped fields, and helps us save money in the process. Househam’s service and backup is also second to none. They have a brilliant, responsive local engineer.

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Steve Cole

The overall handling of the MERLIN and its spraying capabilities are second to none. Great visibility, good handling and a very easy to operate work station make it a perfect option for us.