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IMP - 1986 - 2001


  • Panoramic fully air conditioned cab, sliding door, heater, carbon filtration, high spec seat, radio/cassette, full instrumentation, beacon and work lights.
  • Steering column is adjustable for height and rake.
  • Joystick on the side of seat, with switches for sections, main on/off, tilt and height.
  • Foot switch for 2/4 wheel steer.

Early Househam Cab

Househam Cab

Early Househam Cab

Engine and Chassis

  • Iveco 147hp 6 cylinder 5.9L turbo engine.
  • Fully hydrostatic four wheel drive.
  • S11 wheel motors, parking brakes on rear wheels.
  • Two/four wheel steer with semi-automatic realignment of rear wheels with four sensors.
  • Front and rear coil spring suspension.
  • Track adjustable from 60″ – 72″ or 68″ – 80″.
  • Fixed height at 38″.
  • Row crop wheels ~ 12.4 x 32″ Continental (142 A8) – 10.6 Tns @ 40kph.
  • Walkway, hydraulic step, black plastic mudguards.

Service information

Engine service items and schedule

Operators Manual

LH4000 spray controller manual

Spray System and Booms

  • Househam LH4000 electronic spray control system or RDS Delta 3.
  • 3000L GRP tank with integral 300L wash tank.
  • 12/24m fold steel boom with tilt control.
  • AR230 6 cylinder diaphragm pump.
  • 4 section spray control system.
  • Suction and pressure filters.
  • Single stainless steel ¾» sprayline with Lurmark EF3 nozzle bodies and one set of jets.
  • Laser boom recirculation system.
  • Stainless steel inductor and remote throttle.
  • Easy to operate taps, self fill.

LH 4000 Spray Controller

AR280 6 Cylinder Pump

Poclain Hydraulic Wheel Motor