Supporting Skills Development for Cena Farms

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Will Lovatt from Cena Farms, Zambia, at Househam Sprayers for an extensive training session.

Will visited us to enhance his knowledge and skills with our Househam machines, which he will be supporting on Cena Farms in Zambia.

Will shared his thoughts on the experience, saying, “I had a great time at Househam. I learned a huge amount. The two days I spent with Jim Fleetwood, one of the Field Engineers, were the most useful for me as it was a hands-on experience, and I got to learn on the machine that I will be operating in the future.”

While Will appreciated his time with the new build team, he found his days with Alex Fisher, our Senior Technical Engineer, the pre-owned team, and particularly the two days with Jim to be more valuable. “I had a good time with the guys in new build, but I don’t think it was as valuable as the day I spent with Alex, the day I spent in pre-owned, and the two days I spent with Jim, as this was the best use of time and particularly transferable.”

Reflecting on his overall experience, Will expressed his gratitude, “I am extremely grateful for the hospitality and the support I was given. It was also a bit of an adventure for me and doing something new!”

We at Househam Sprayers are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Will in his training journey. We are confident that his time here will greatly benefit his work at Cena Farms and look forward to seeing the positive impact of his enhanced skills.