Engineering Placement Opportunity 2024/2025

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and industry, the role of placement students has become increasingly significant. More and more companies are recognizing the value of providing opportunities for students to gain real-world experience through internships or work placements.

For the past 10 years, we have welcomed placement students who have a keen interest in agriculture and/or Engineering to come on board for a minimum of 12 months, working in all technical areas of the business.

This opportunity allows students to split time between our Engineering, Production and Product Support departments, allowing a personal experience of the complete product lifecycle through the initial design phase through to build and support in the field, and product improvements within the design.

  • Design / Engineering – 3D CAD Design using SolidEdge ST7, producing engineering drafts, schematics, Engineering Change Requests/Notices and new design projects.
  • Technical Development – experience with Electronic/Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems.
  • Assembly – hands on understanding of how the machines are built
  • Product Support – providing support to end user and customers

One of the primary reasons we welcome placement students is the infusion of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas they bring. Students, often equipped with the latest academic knowledge and a unique outlook, can provide valuable insights that may elude more seasoned professionals. By offering placement opportunities, we are essentially creating a pipeline for future talent.

We are accepting applicants for the 2024/2025 opportunity in our yearly placement scheme


Ideally, successful applicants shall currently be studying their 2nd year Batchelors/3rd year integrated Masters within an accredited Agricultural and/or Engineering related course.

Ideally, we would prefer applicants to complete a minimum of a 12 month placement with us as this provides suitable time in each department; however we are also available for discussion should you wish to continue with us longer than 12 months depending on term dates.

If you are interested in coming on board with the Househam team, please send your CV along with a covering letter telling us a bit about yourself to: