Expert Insights

Tech Talk — Pre-emergence spray application

5th Октябрь 2018

With the increasing challenges of grassweed control, growers need to take advantage of every cultural and chemical option to keep populations in check. Syngenta grassweed specialists’ research into a whole farm integrated approach and application techniques looks to provide growers with researched science solutions to get the best out of every situation. Keeping on target […]

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Five top crop tips for spring

12th Июнь 2018

In a season of delays, we get the latest cereal agronomy tips from East Anglia-based Agrii regional technical manager David Felce and Yorkshire-based AICC independent agronomist Patrick Stephenson. 1. Consider higher seed rates David Felce: For spring cereals look to increase the seed rate as the crop won’t have time to tiller. 2.  Pay attention […]

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