Introducing the Househam ECOSTAR2 Trailed Machine: Redefining Efficiency with Simplicity

Breaking away from the conventional expectations associated with Househam Sprayers, our all-new ECOSTAR2 Trailed Machine offers a refreshing take on agricultural equipment – boasting low specification, minimal maintenance, and unbeatable affordability.

Originally conceived with developing countries in mind, the ECOSTAR2 prioritises simplicity without compromising on performance. All hydraulic and electrical connections conveniently located at the front of the machine allow for seamless operation of essential functions such as boom fold, tilt, and lift using just two hydraulic spools in your tractor.

Designed to operate without the need for air, the ECOSTAR2 features a suspended axle for enhanced field and road travel, with optional self-levelling capabilities requiring only a simple air connection on your tractor. Plus, integrated auto-rate control, equipped as standard with a 5-section TeeJet 845 controller, offers precision spraying tailored to your needs, expandable to 7 to 9 sections for added versatility. Auto-section control is also available as a plug in extra to the existing controller in the tractor cabin.

Ease of use is paramount with the ECOSTAR2, with an easy step ladder providing convenient access to the podium and a neatly laid out plumbing system ensuring straightforward maintenance. The PTO-driven 200-litre per minute spray pump at the front ensures efficient spraying, upgradeable to a 260-litre pump for increased capacity as required.

Simplicity meets functionality with manual taps for easy selection of filling, spraying, rinsing, and induction functions, complemented by a standard 25-litre induction hopper, with options for up to 40 litres, and a small clothing locker for added convenience.

Customization is key, with the ability to fit up to 54” wheels to suit your specific requirements, while the standard 24-metre boom, complete with blue LED boom lights, ensures optimal visibility during operation, with premium boom light upgrades available for enhanced performance.

Available in 3000-litre capacity, with options for 2500l and 2000l for smaller-scale applications, the ECOSTAR2 offers unparalleled versatility to suit a range of farming needs.

In essence, the Househam ECOSTAR2 represents a departure from overreliance on technology, offering a simpler yet highly effective solution for precise spraying without the complexity and associated costs. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional performance at an affordable price point, ensuring that efficiency and affordability go hand in hand in the world of modern agriculture.

If you would think that the ECOSTAR2 would make a great addition to your farm, speak to one of our team on 01400 276050 or email