Ohhhh what a year! But how are we moving forward!

Hi all,

Well what an 18 months it has been! But as we move into the next stage of lockdown lifting we have taken some time to reflect on the time at Househam Sprayers.

Our production team have continued to build machines and renovate preowned machines throughout the whole of the pandemic. We have launched our latest edition AirRide and Harrier with the updates to the engine canopy, Jaguar Claas Cab and the new GPS, NavGuide.

It was great to be back at Cereals 2021, with all of 2020 shows being cancelled we had not had the opportunity to see some people for over 18 months. I think I speak for all the sales team when I say that we have certainly missed the shows and being able to visit customers. We are back on the road a lot now, with several shows popping up throughout the calendar and beginning our demo tour. Today Nick and Barry are at Driffield Show, pop by and say Hi!

With a big office and production space we have been able to allow the team to work flexibly, working some days in the office and some days at home. Many of us found enjoy working in the office, missing the interaction and fish and chip Fridays, although others enjoyed the flexibility to work from home. Was because you can wear pjs all day at home?

We have welcomed new faces to the team, seen internal promotions and enabled our team to all individually grow by offering training opportunities. Many of us now doubly jabbed those customer facing or out of personal choice are testing regularly. We are excited to move forward and have lots of things to show you further down the line.

As a company, we have decided to keep the Covid-19 measures in place, so please social distance, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask if you wish to, when visiting our stores or a visit.  

I wonder what the next 18 months will bring, for now though keep safe!