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  • Maximum performance
  • Total control
  • Minimal soil compaction


  • Maximum performance
  • Total control
  • Minimal soil compaction


The Predator is everything you love about Househam – but bigger. From massive capacity and total control to incredibly low weight and perfect balance, the Predator sets the new standard for advanced spraying technology delivering outstanding stability and manoeuvrability.

With capacities of 4,000 and 5,000 litres and twin-fold and tri-fold booms ranging from 24 to 36 metres, the PREDATOR features a new chassis developed for use with the latest large wheel and tyre equipment.


  • Househam TMC controller
  • Individual Nozzle Control (INC)/ Auto Nozzle Select (ANS) switch via GPS system
  • NavGuide Auto-Section control via GPS
  • NORAC boom levelling
  • Active load sense hydraulic suspension
  • Full boom recirculation
  • Spacious, quiet and fully climate-controlled Category 4 ROPS-approved cab
  •  Spray tank capacity 4000 or 5000 litres 
  • Only 10,500KG unladen 
  • Up to 36m triple-fold boom 
  • MTU 4R1000 228HP or MTU 6R1000 240HP stage 5 engine 
  • Monocoque low weight chassis design and rear mounted engine for 50:50 weight distribution 
  • Axle clearance 1.2 metres 
  • Manually adjustable axles from 72” (Hydraulically adjustable axle option)  
<p>Tank Capacity</p>

Tank Capacity

<p>Boom options up to 36m</p>

Boom options up to 36m

<p>Axle clearance up to 1.2m</p>

Axle clearance up to 1.2m

<p>Advanced technology</p>

Advanced technology

  • Features


    The Predator is the biggest machine in the Househam self-propelled range, weighing in at up 10,440kg. This is much lighter than other machines of a similar size, delivering outstanding stability and manoeuvrability.

    Better still, the weight is so perfectly balanced that soil compaction is minimal. The 230hp 4-cylinder MTU engine – complete with 2-speed cruise control and a maximum road speed of up to 50km/h – is rear mounted for optimal weight distribution.

    Fitted with Michelin SprayBib 380/90 R46 rowcrop wheels or 650/60 R38 low ground pressure wheels, ground clearances of 1.10 and 1.05 metres ensure that crops are protected.

    The ability to work long hours without having to refill is enabled by a choice of 5,000 litre or 4,000 litre spray tanks feeding booms from 24 to 36 metres long, including twin-fold and tri-fold designs.



    Optimise your performance with our TMC (Total Machine Control) with NavGuide GPS mapping system. TMC  integrates many functions into one simple to use touchscreen console. TMC provides you with complete application rate control, engine management and diagnostics, hydrostatic drive control and monitoring, built-in warnings and fault detection, and automatic service reminders. The TMC is the main interface for setting up the spraying system and features Househam’s Spray Pilot auto steering and NavGuide GPS mapping system. Together, these offer precise control of application rate for improved accuracy and reduced overspray, particularly in irregularly shaped fields





    The predator offers a choice of twin-fold and tri-fold booms ranging from 24 to 36 metres,

    Our hydraulic incline feature enables you to incline one boom while still using the other, making it easy to spray around obstacles and adjust the boom to the terrain’s contours.

    NORAC height control also ensures the boom is kept in the optimum position for effective application.

    Individual Nozzle Control (INC) and Auto Nozzle Select (ANS) also offer improved accuracy and reduced overspray, particularly in irregularly shaped fields with individual nozzles activated electronically either automatically or manually from the cab.

    • Individual Nozzle Control you gain control over each individual nozzle on up to 13 boom sections. The system works with ARAG nozzle holders linked to a GPS-enabled Bravo 400S controller. The result: maximum precision with minimum waste.
    • Auto Nozzle Select (ANS)enables you to control the rate of spray over wide range of speeds and application rates. The system uses multiple nozzle bodies fitted to the same spray line, with individual nozzles activated electronically. Nozzles can be automatically selected according to the requested flow rate or speed. The system can also be operated in manual mode and is fully controlled from the cab.




    The Predator featuring the latest spraying technology as standard including:

    • Total Machine Control (TMC) is Househam’s intuitive, easy-to-use, touchscreen console that provides fingertip control of all the machine’s functions. The TMC is the main interface for setting up the spraying system, featuring Househam’s Spray Pilot auto steering and NavGuide GPS mapping system which offers precise control of application rate.
    • NavGuide GPS  GPS mapping and guidance technology
    • Load sense hydraulics for quieter, more efficient operation
    • Househam Intelligent Transmission System (HITS) that helps to regulate the maximum speed both on and off road to ensure efficient operation
    • Hill Assist ensures smooth operation when setting off or stopping on inclines


    The better equipped the cab, the more productive the operator.

    The Preadator’s cab boasts specially designed fully active hydraulic suspension to protect the operator from the movement of the machine across even bumpy terrain. The Category 4, fully air-conditioned cabin is also fitted with sound insulation to provide an ultra-quiet operating environment.

    There’s plenty of room inside, too, and panoramic visibility. A high-back Grammer air suspension seat, electric mirrors, reversing camera, DAB radio, CD, and Bluetooth make the Predator a pleasure to operate.

  • Specifications

  • Powertrain
  • Engine Type & HP
  • Fuel Tank (ltr)
  • Drive System
  • Hydraulics
  • MTU 4R1000 228hp
  • 300ltrs
  • Hydrostatic
  • Load Sense
  • Chassis
  • Demountable Chassis for Spreader
  • Hydraulic Adjustable axle
  • Danfoss wheel motor
  • Bonfiglioli Reduction hub
  • Poclain Wheel motor
  • N/A
  • Not available yet
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • N/A
  • Spray System
  • Spray tank capacity (ltr)
  • Clean water tank (ltr)
  • Boom Width (m)
  • Spray pump
  • Induction hopper (ltr)
  • 5000
  • *Dependant on spray tk
  • 24,28,30,32,36m
  • 6 Cylinder diaphragm
  • 30
  • Ground Clearance
  • Ground Clearance
  • 120cm
  • Speed
  • Road Speed
  • Field Speed
  • 50km/hr
  • 20km/hr
  • Cabin
  • Cabin Type
  • Standard ABT
  • X
  • N/A
  • Househam Technology
  • TMC Controller
  • Individual nozzle control
  • Auto Nozzle select
  • Fieldmaster GPS
  • Gatekeeper Compatibility
  • AutoFill via TMC
  • Hydraulic Autosteer
  • RTK Compatibility
  • Househam intelligent transmission system (HITS)
  • Hill Assist feature
  • Cruise Control
  • High output centrifugal pump
  • Load Sensing hydraulics
  • Variable geometry boom levelling
  • Fully Active hydraulic
  • 4WS Spray dependancy mode
  • X
  • Standard
  • X
  • Standard
  • X
  • Standard
  • X
  • X
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • X
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • SPIRIT Tech
  • ARAG Bravo 400s
  • Autosteer via ARAG display
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Boom System
  • Boom Control system
  • Boom Tilt
  • Boom folding
  • Minimum spray height
  • Maximum spray height
  • Boom Suspension (Std)
  • Nozzles
  • Machine Suspension
  • Hydraulic Adjustable axle
  • X
  • Twin or Triple
  • 40cm
  • 240cm
  • Full VG
  • As defined by customer
  • Fully Active Hydraulic suspension
  • Not available yet
  • Dimensions
  • Height (m)
  • Height (m)
  • Width (m)
  • Working Weight (kg)
  • 3.9
  • 3.9
  • 2.9
  • 10500