Think bigger

• Self-propelled • Massive capacity
• Low impact • Total control

Think bigger

• Self-propelled • Massive capacity
• Low impact • Total control

Designed and built in Britain, PREDATOR is everything you love about Househam – but bigger. From massive capacity and total control to incredibly low weight and perfect balance, PREDATOR sets the new standard for advanced spraying technology. Book your demo now. Or call 01400 276 050.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Self-propelled: outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Massive capacity: up to 5000 litres
  • Low impact: low weight, optimal weight distribution
  • High clearance: up to 1.2 metres
  • Total control: up to 36 metre boom, with individual nozzle control
  • Advanced technology: maximum efficiency and operator comfort
  • Predator warranty + service and repair contract
<p>Outstanding<br />


<p>Massive<br />


<p>High<br />


<p>Total boom &<br />
nozzle control</p>

Total boom &
nozzle control

<p>Advanced<br />


Maximum performance.
Total control.
Minimal soil compaction.

Predator models are designed to deliver maximum
performance with minimal soil compaction.

Here's how we do it.....

Househam-designed Chassis

Designed for use with the very latest in large wheel and tyre technology, including Michelin SprayBib R46 rowcrop tyres low ground pressure tyres. Up to 710 LGP tyres.

Super Clearance

Ground clearances up to 1.2 metres for the 4,000 litre and 5,000 litre models.

Low Soil Compaction

At just 10,500kg unladen for the 5,000 litre model with 36-metre boom and rowcrop wheels, the PREDATOR is lighter than sprayers of a similar size. So, ground pressure is significantly reduced.

Choice of Capacities

Take your pick from 5,000 litre or 4,000 litre spray tanks and booms from 24 to 36 metres, including twin-fold and tri-fold designs.

The Power to Perform

  • 228hp 4-cylinder MTU engine, rear mounted for optimal weight distribution
  • Reduced in-cab noise. Up to 50km/hr on the road
  • 2-speed cruise control system

High Precision Spraying

You’re in complete control thanks to Househam advanced sprayer technology, including:

Individual Nozzle Contol (INC)

Individual Nozzle Contol (INC)

With Househam’s Seletron technology, you gain control over each individual nozzle on up to 13 boom sections. The system works with ARAG nozzle holders linked to a GPS-enabled Bravo 400S controller. The result: maximum precision with minimum waste.

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Auto Nozzle Select (ANS)

Auto Nozzle Select (ANS)

Househam’s innovative ANS (Auto Nozzle Select) system enables you to control the rate of spray over wide range of speeds and application rates. The system uses multiple nozzle bodies fitted to the same spray line, with individual nozzles activated electronically. Nozzles can be automatically selected according to the requested flow rate or speed. The system can also be operated in manual mode and is fully controlled from the cab.

See ANS in action
Fully active hydraulic suspension system

Load sense hydraulics

NORAC boom levelling

Boom levelling made easy

Designed to maintain a constant nozzle height over the crop canopy, boom levelling technology optimises spray dispersion and efficiency while minimising drift. As a result, operators can work faster and operate during night hours, making maximum use of low wind conditions. NORAC systems use sensors at the boom’s centre and tips to adjust nozzle height at different sections of the boom, altering position hundreds of times per second.

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Househam's Total Machine Control (TMC) V5 Controller with FieldMaster GPS mapping and guidance


 Househam’s unique Total Machine Control system – developed by Househam engineers – is an intuitive, easy-to-use, touchscreen console that provides fingertip control within the cab. TMC provides you with complete application rate control, engine management and diagnostics, hydrostatic drive control and monitoring, built-in warnings and fault detection, and automatic service reminders.

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Househam Intelligent Transmission System (HITS)

Intelligent Transmission

The Househam Intelligent Transmission System helps to regulate the maximum speed both on and off road to ensure the most efficient operation of your Househam machine.

See our technologies in action

Operator Comfort for Improved Productivity

  • Category 4, ROPS-approved cab.
  • Spacious and fully air-conditioned
  • Ultra-quiet operating environment with panoramic visibility.
  • High back Grammer air suspension seat
  • Electric mirrors and reversing camera
  • DAB radio and CD with Bluetooth