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ECO Trailed 2


ECO Trailed 2


ECO Trailed 2

With a 3000-litre capacity and boom widths up to 24 metres, the ECO 2 is designed for operators on small and medium size farms who need a sprayer that’s reliable and easy to use in even the most demanding working conditions. The comparatively low weight makes it ideal for use with small to medium sized tractors whilst minimising any potential soil damage in the field.

Built-in boom height control

The ECO 2’s pantograph arms ensure enhanced boom height control and require fewer wearing parts.

Easier boom ride

We’ve optimised the geometry of the ECO 2’s 4-section boom to give a smooth boom ride – both in the field and on the road. Boom widths range from 18 to 24 metres.

Air suspension and hydraulic brakes

Air suspension and hydraulic brakes reduce stresses and improve protection to both the chassis and the boom.

Easy access pipework and valves

Pipework and valves designed to provide unhindered access for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning.​

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