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• Delux cabin with fully pneumatic driver’s seat.
• TMC V3 terminal for full control of the machine operations.
• Fold down buddy seat with large document holder.
• Multifunctional armrest Climate control, electric mirrors and eight work lights,
• Radio and CD with Bluetooth functionality and cool box.

Cabtech V1

Cabtech V2

Engine and Chassis

• 300 ltr high capacity fuel tank.
• Cat C6.6 170HP or 225HP Engine.
• Automatic levelling through our air-ride suspension system.
• 72″ – 84″ axles manually adjustable.
• Parking brake with integrated control of access ladder.
• Foot brake and foot throttle.
• Sauer Danfoss Bent axis Wheel motor teamed with Bonfiglioi planetary gearbox.
• 1M clearance.
• 380/85 R34 320/85 R38 row crop wheels.
• 600/65 R28 600/65 R30 floatation wheels.
• Cyclone air cleaner.
• Temperature controlled fan speed with auto-reverse function.
• LED Front and Rear lights.

Spray system and Booms

• 3000, 4000ltr GRP, 5000 and 6000ltr stainless steel spray tanks.
• 400ltr GRP clean water tank.
• Side mounted full spray system.
• Fully clean system rinsing.
• Either 4 cylinder P260 6 cylinder P380 or an 8 cylinder P500 Altek pump.
• Electric five way ball valves for suction and pressure.
• Suction and pressure filters.
• 2½” Suction hose plumbing.
• ¾” or 1″ Stainless steel spraylines.
• Triplet nozzle bodies.
• 30ltr stainless steel hopper with pro clean and pro clean plus rinse jets.
• 4 – 48 Spray sections.
• Centre pivot backframe.
• 13/24m flat fold boom with hydraulic incline as standard. Up to 36m Tripple fold with hydraulic breakback available.
• Igus ladder link for tidy plumbing
• Flow regulation 20:400L/min.
• Filling station for ease of operation/ filling.

Pump Type and size

4 Cylinder Altek P260

6 Cylinder Altek P380

Altek P500


Fieldmaster 2

Hydraulic Wheel Motors

Sauer Danfoss Wheel Motor

Bonfig reduction hub

Service Information & Manuals

Engine service items and schedule

Altek pump service manual

TMC V3 Manual

Fieldmaster 2 Manual

VG Boom Leveling, Operational Manual

HITS Operators Manual

Auto Nozzle Select Manual

Altek 2″ 3 Way Ball Valve Ball and Seal Replacement Manual

Bonfigioli Reduction Hub Oil Change Document

Useful tutorial videos

V3 TMC Wheel speed calibration

V3 TMC Auto / manual  regulation 

V3 TMC Navigation buttons TMC 

V3 TMC Nozzle select 

V3 TMC Steering modes

V3 TMC Virtual master switch 

V3 TMC Steering Calibration 

V3 TMC Lts per HA and Regulation