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Househam Intelligent Transmission System (HITS)

HITS helps to regulate the maximum speed both on and off road to ensure the most efficient operation of your Househam machine.  This gives the spray pack’s rate control and regulation system time to respond when slowing down to make a headland turn, or when turning into a tramline and resuming the chosen spraying speed. There are three work modes: Normal, Power and Eco – plus Road and Field modes for travel speed selection. A fully adjustable two-speed cruise control function allows the joystick controller to be pushed fully forward in its gate, with the operator simply thumbing the cruise control buttons to switch between spraying and headland turn speeds.

Engine rpm is harmonised with machine functionality, allowing the MTU power unit to run at the lowest possible engine revs to provide just enough power to perform. It can also run the hydraulically-driven, centrifugal pump at full capacity with the engine operating at tick-over.

A Hill Assist feature automatically applies the brakes when the sprayer stops. The brakes automatically release when you make a deliberate effort to drive away.

See HITS in action