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With increasing costs and increased legislation providing ever increasing pressure on farming activity, focus on precision agriculture and data management within farms is becoming as important as ever.

Whilst the Househam TMC system offers various solutions to precision agriculture, for example Section/Individual Nozzle Control, Variable Rate Application and Auto Nozzle Select, and with some application reporting available via NavGuide, there are systems available on the marketplace that are focused on data recording and management to a level far above what the existing Househam system can offer.

The Househam ISOBus development allows the Househam TMC system, with its proven advancements in bespoke spraying technology, to integrate with these data management systems (such as the John Deere Operations Centre) whilst maintaining the Househam Sprayer’s unique approach to spray application.

Furthermore, the way in which the ISOBus integration works allows for the minimum amount of data to be reliant on the ISO standard, significantly reducing any remedial work required for the system going forward. To put the process simply, the ISOBus controller tells the Househam system what it wants and the Househam system works to achieve these requirements whilst reporting back the data as it’s happening.

This clear definition of ISOBus and TMC requirements and responsibilities has allowed a solution that takes the best parts of both systems to ensure that a Househam Sprayer with ISOBus integration can achieve its goal of precision agriculture whilst providing all the field and spray application data in an already proven format which is compatible with potentially all other equipment from the farm, allowing farm managers to assess crop performance from ground preparation, through the spraying season, all the way through to harvest.

Nick Snowden, Househam’s General Manager adds “Househam are committed to providing our customers with the latest engineering and technology for their spraying needs. We have a proud history of innovation and introducing ISOBUS technology into our range demonstrates our commitment to helping farmers to grow healthier, more profitable crops in the future”.