Househam to bring AIR-RIDE and PREDATOR to National Sprayer Demo Day 2019

Househam is set to showcase its latest self-propelled sprayers at this year’s National Sprayer Demo Day.

The annual gathering of machinery operators heads to Churn Estate, Blewbury, on Wednesday 20th February.

Qualified operators will be given the chance to test out Househam’s best-selling AIR-RIDE and its 5,000-litre PREDATOR in real working conditions.

This year’s site includes an 18ha field, a flat 42ha field and over 60ha of cover crops to test sprayer performance and ability.

Robert Willey, managing director of Househam, said: “This is always a great day for us to get out in the field with our customers. It’s unrivalled as an event because it shows farmers the wide range of sprayers they can choose from. We’ll be there with the AIR-RIDE and the PREDATOR, two of the most reliable and technologically advanced British-built sprayers on the market. And there’s nothing better than a working demonstration to see what these machines can really do.”

Find out more about the PREDATOR and the AIR-RIDE.