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The New NavGuide!

Introducing NavGuide: the new, improved and bespoke GPS mapping software for Househam Sprayers. With improved graphics and enhanced features, it incorporates GPS Automatic Section Control (ASC) and AB line tracking with a variety of guidance line settings. NavGuide has the ability to import a variety of maps (.shp, .shx and .dbf file) from different applications and is capable of collecting an ‘As Applied’ map that reflects the rate applied by the sprayer. NavGuide offers the opportunity to export both a Google Earth (KML) file and PDF report that include guidance lines, boundaries and maps of the coverage, so users can be reassured the job has been done correctly. With an operator friendly screen it provides the flexibility for each individual to make it their own, supporting multiple boom lengths, section layouts and the ability to manually override working widths.
Going forward, NavGuide has been introduced as an option on all of our new Air Ride, Harrier and Predator machines and a retrofit solution is available for all machines currently in the field.
Tried and tested extensively on our machines already, here is what some of our customers had to say about the NavGuide:
‘It’s simple to use, clean and with the reports gives you peace of mind. As a contractor the clear reports are incredibly useful to give back to customers so I can show them all the info they need regarding each field.’
Another says ‘visually it works a treat, nice having all the advanced features along the bottom, making it clear and easy to read. It’s easy to use, works really well and it is definitely making my days easier and the whole machine more efficient!’

Speak to our sales team about a new machine: 01400 276050 or to retro-fit NavGuide call 01400 276040



UK sprayer manufacturer Househam and Nitrasol liquid fertilisers (the brand name of Brineflow Limited) have today launched a UK partnership focusing on pulling together a complete liquid fertiliser system from purchasing to application.

Househam Sprayers, based in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, is at the forefront of British innovation for agricultural machinery. Managing Director Robert Willey said: “We sell our sprayers across the world but the UK farmer is our priority and being able to pull on the experience of Brineflow to complete the service can only be good news for our farming customers.”

The agricultural industry relies on specialist businesses to help make UK farmers more productive and information sharing is key to running a profitable business. Rob Buck, UK Commercial Manager for Brineflow, approached Househam to form a service whereby a farmer can arrange liquid fertiliser tanks, purchase a sprayer and obtain information on application all the way to the nozzle.

Mr Buck said: “The importance of working with a company like Househam is clear and the benefits are compelling for any farmer looking to change to a liquid system. There is a huge amount of knowledge and expertise between the two companies that can really make the difference to a farming business.”

Nitrasol liquid fertilisers distributes liquid fertiliser nationally from its new facility in Great Yarmouth, built to the highest environmental standards. The company is currently building its second plant in Sunderland opening in 2021, creating over 50,000t of dockside tank storage facilities serviced by dedicated ship-to-shore pipelines, giving plenty of capacity to easily meet peak seasonal demands nationally.

Jonathan Duke farms 1000ha of arable crops in North Essex and currently uses a Househam Air Ride 4000 sprayer. He has been so happy with the equipment he has ordered an upgraded Harrier 4000 for delivery later this year as part of his precision farming approach. Mr Duke demands high quality and reliable products for his business and therefore purchases Nitrasol liquid fertiliser from Brineflow.

He said: “There is a gap between fertiliser manufacturers and sprayer manufacturers so having them working together is really helpful to me. Both Brineflow and Househam are superb in their field, so I am really looking forward to seeing how things progress.”

Mr Duke purchases over 500t of liquid fertiliser per year, which is applied through his Househam sprayer, so he needs reliable service from both businesses when running at full tilt in peak season.

Ian Ferris, Commercial Director at Brineflow, said: “The arrangement makes complete sense. 100% of our customers are potential customers for Househam and working with a great UK sprayer manufacturer helps both businesses to innovate and add value to the customer, whilst addressing any knowledge gaps that can exist without collaboration.”

Househam and Brineflow will be working together on various projects in the future, such as back British farming campaigns and working with automation businesses, increasing value for UK farmers among others.



Rob Buck – UK commercial manager, Brineflow

[email protected]

07775 300400

01493 809827


Ian Ferris – UK commercial director, Brineflow

[email protected]

07557 200800

01493 809820


Brineflow is a responsible and independent producer of high quality liquid fertilisers. It is owned and operated by a team with 60 years’ experience in UK fertiliser production and with a 30-year proven track record in the manufacture and distribution of liquid fertiliser for UK farmers.


Robert Willey – Managing Director, Househam Sprayers

[email protected]

01400 276001


Olivia Tant – Marketing, Househam Sprayers

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01400 276059


Househam Sprayers have been building bespoke machines for over 50 years. Now producing four machines – Harrier, Air Ride, Predator and Spirit – we are a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of crop sprayers, actively working to bring our British-built and high quality machines to customers around the world.

Househam builds five bespoke self-propelled sprayers for UK farmers

Self-propelled sprayer manufacturer Househam has overcome the challenges of Covid-19 to build and deliver five bespoke machines simultaneously to farms throughout the UK.

All of the sprayers were made at the firm’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire and each has a custom specification to suit the farms’ specific requirements.

To make sure the sprayers were delivered in time for key autumn applications, the design and engineering teams carefully restructured their build programmes. This ensured production could continue even when supplies of some key parts were delayed by the pandemic.

“We’re lucky to work with some great local suppliers and together we were able to plan ahead and make sure there were no breaks in manufacturing,” says Engineering Manager Andrew Tingey.

“Given the current climate, it’s really impressive that the team has been able to deliver these machines in the timeframe that we had.”

Unique sprayers
Two of the machines are the latest-generation, high-spec Harrier models, featuring a lightweight single-piece chassis, load-sensing air suspension and a plush Excalibur cabin, complete with Househam’s TMC (Total Machine Control) system.

The first has been built with the most popular 4,000-litre GRP tank option and features a powerful 240hp six-cylinder MTU engine as standard.

The second Harrier is the first 5,000-litre model to be produced by Househam and has been custom-built for a customer in Cambridgeshire. This unique crop sprayer has a brand-new stainless-steel tank, 36m tri-fold boom and custom Airtec spray system that uses air to adjust droplet size.

Another of the five sprayers is one of the firm’s recently introduced Air-Ride XTRA models, which come with a host of factory fitted extras, including an upgraded spray pack, enhanced lighting package, boom protection and higher-spec control screen. This machine has been fitted with a 3,500-litre tank, 24m double-fold boom and an additional Pacer fast-fill pump.

The fourth model in the production run is the first entry-level Spirit featuring the latest four-cylinder Stage 5 MTU engine which develops 170hp. This nimble, lightweight machine has a 3,000-litre tank, 24m double-fold boom and Arag Delta 80 controller.

The final machine shown is a second-hand Harrier, featuring a Stage 4 MTU Engine and a 4000-litre GRP Tank. This machine was put through a complete, ground-up refurbishment within the Househam production team before being completed to a customer’s specification.

Househam’s UK-based manufacturing, extensive in-house parts stock and relationship with domestic component suppliers means it can fully support UK farmers throughout the pandemic and beyond.

For further information or images, please contact:
Danielle Pole
HR & Office Manager
Tel: 01400 276 029
Email: [email protected]


Andrew Tingey
Engineering Manager
Tel: 01400 276 065
Email: [email protected]

About Househam
Since 1970, Househam has been creating innovative new crop spraying systems incorporating ground-breaking new technology.

All Househam sprayers are designed and built in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire and the current range includes the Spirit, AirRide, Harrier and Predator.

Househam also has a UK-based global parts operation carrying a comprehensive range of spares, with over 24,000 line items in stock.


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